Book Exhibit

These video highlights young adults of an incarcerated parent speaking about their recent books. Authors share an intimate conversation with The Dr. Muhammad Experience, Executive Research Team to highlight their motivation for book content and how it has changed their lives to share this story of success, entrepreneurship, triumphs and resiliency.  This video is part of the conference virtual book exhibit that promotes books by Black children of incarcerated parents.  All books are part of the Buy Black Initiative (BBI).

Tony Lewis Jr.

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Visit Amazon to order a copy of Slugg: A Boy's Life in the Age of Mass Incarceration.

Dr. Breea Willingham

Visit Cognella to order Dr. Breea Willingham's Punishment and Society.

Dr. Whitney Hollins


Visit Amazon to order a copy of 

Anna's Test. 

Jasmine Johnson

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Jasmine Johnson, visit:


Visit Amazon to order a copy of 

Nuri's Tinkle Collar

Quanice Raquelle

For more information about Quanice and to order Self Love A

Silent Revolution, visit:

Anye' Young

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Visit Book Funnel to order a copy of Teen Guide to Living with Incarcerated Parents: A Self-Help Book for Coping During an Age of Mass Incarceration.


Visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble to order a copy of Our Moms (Living with Incarcerated Parents).

Kristal Bush & Nyvae Scott

For more information about Kristal and Nyvae and to buy Mommy & Daddy

in Timeout