The purpose of this digital conference is to highlight the importance of paradigm shifts in research, policy and available resources for those most affected. This online conference will focus on successes, triumphs, and resilience among children of incarcerated parents (COIP). Much of what is known about COIP focuses on a deficient based model. In other words, research has remained over saturated with the negative outcomes present in the lives of COIP. The purpose of this virtual conference is to highlight new research, narratives, and resources for COIP.

This digital conference integrates a variety of platforms to create a virtual, interactive experience between children of incarcerated parents, directly impacted community members, academicians and scholars. Each day will consist of carefully crafted materials and sessions to maximize your online experience. Participants will be able to have the experience of a conference, with additional resources and information, without having to leave their house.

Download the conference program here.

Videos recordings of the conference can be found on

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