Success and Reliance Among 

Children of Incarcerated Parents Research Study


This research study is current and ongoing.

The objective of the project is to develop a better understanding of the factors that influence whether children will lead a crime-free life. Scholarship on parental incarceration centers mainly on the negative outcomes experienced by the millions of  children left behind. This study will use interviews with children of incarcerated parents. Interview findings will be centered around the accomplishments, triumphs and resilient characteristics among children of incarcerated parents. 

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Meet the research team for this study.

2020 Conference

Highlights from the 2020 Children of Incarcerated Parents: Resilience, Successes, & Triumphs Digital Conference


Children of incarcerated parents share their personal experiences and provide feedback about their feelings on various topics.

Research Findings


View preliminary findings and videos from our research team.


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