Success and Reliance Among 

Children of Incarcerated Parents Research Study

Below is a snap-shot of the preliminary research study findings to date. They do not represent the full study and will be updated at the end of the project. Therefore, the total numbers and referenced statistics will change as additional interviews are completed.

Suggested Citation: Muhammad, Bahiyyah. (2020). "Success and Resiliency Among Children of Incarcerated Parents Study: Preliminary Findings."

Flipping the Script: Centering Positive Outcomes Among Black Children of Incarcerated Parents

This session provides a framework for moving forward with research on children of incarcerated parents that will shift the paradigm by highlighting stories of success and resilience. During this presentation the Executive Research Team will share their insight on the dynamic pathways in which study subjects described during their interviews.  For this particular discussion, preliminary study findings will be identified and will include dialogue around the two primary research questions:  (1) What factors contribute to resilience in the lives of Black children of incarcerated parents? and (2) What internal and external barriers do Black children of incarcerated parents overcome in their pursuits to success?

I Define My Own Success: Personal Definitions From Children of Incarcerated Parents

This session highlights preliminary study findings from the Executive Research Team.  In a discussion format, the information shared during the session will include themes that emerged from the analysis of the following survey questions:  (1) What is your definition of success? How do you define it?, (2) What does it mean to be successful?, (3) What resources and support did you have that helped you in being successful? (4) Do you consider yourself to be successful? Or on the road to success? and (5) What examples of success were around your? All panelists will provide their own personal definitions of success and share why it was important for them to define success on their own terms.

Navigating Ivory Towers: Pathways to Education Among Children of Incarcerated Parents

This panel will include a discussion  from the Executive Research Team on preliminary study findings around education.  Specifically, post secondary acceptance, matriculation and graduation were among the strongest indicators of success among the national sample.  Here the research team will share micro and macro thematic areas that emerged from data analysis.  In addition, they will contextualize how children of incarcerated parents navigated to and through their post secondary and/or graduate programs.

Put Some Respect on Their Names: Strategies for Conducting Research with Children of Incarcerated Parents

This panel is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that serves as a reminder that researchers and practitioners must do the extra work it takes to fully understand children of incarcerated parents, prior to engaging in any dialogue or research.  Having a full scope of theories that attempt to describe the population is not enough.  In conducting research with directly-impacted individuals, they should be included in all phases of the process because they are the experts.  As such, they should also be compensated for their engagement and leadership roles on projects and with programs.  For example, it is recommended to bring them on as consultants.  This panel of research team executives will provide tips for conducting research with children of incarcerated parents in a respectful way. It will serve to remind conference participants that those with lived experience should be respected for their experiences.

Parenting Behind Bars: Maintaining Positive Relationships With Our Children

It has been assumed that once incarcerated, parenting stops.  This panel highlights how parents manage to maintain positive relationships with their children during incarceration.  The Executive Research Team will share preliminary research findings that are directly related to parenting from behind bars.  Here the perspectives of children of incarcerated parents are shared and explored.


Information below as of June 30, 2020 for 60 interviewees

Suggested Citation: Muhammad, Bahiyyah. (2020). "Success and Resiliency Among Children of Incarcerated Parents Study: Preliminary Findings."

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